Kritter Tales

Kritter Tales anthology cover
“Princess Cocoa Puff”
Part of the Kritter Tales Anthology
Publisher: Rooster and Pig
Release Date: January 14, 2015
Publisher Price: $4.99

Sometimes the best matchmaker has four legs and a wet nose… The stories in this anthology are all about those little furry friends, dogs, cats, prairie dogs… and even an elephant… and how they are sometimes the best matchmakers. For these men, their furry pals will either help them to find love or help to reignite the flames of their slowly fading relationship.

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Princess Cocoa Puff by Jenna Hale

After his breakup with Roger, Andrew’s best friend Sandy thinks the perfect thing to cheer him up is a new cat, Princess Cocoa Puff. Andrew is skeptical, even more so when the cat keeps breaking out and ending up in the home of his hot neighbor Darren.

The cat was a scrawny, scraggly thing, more fur than flesh and possessing a terrible yowl. It was a black and brown calico with thick, fluffy hair that seemed too short in spots, like someone had taken a bite out of the thing’s fur at odd intervals. It opened its mouth and let out another ear-piercing yowl, showing off two rows of very impressive teeth. Andrew eyed the cat from across the room, half afraid of getting bitten if he came too close.
“What is that thing?”

“It’s a cat,” Sandy said. She cradled it against her ample chest and scratched under its chin, effectively shutting off the distressed sounds the cat was making and shifting the yowl to something much more pleasant. It seemed happy with the affection, if the slow increase in volume of its guttural meows were any indication. The meowing, at least, wasn’t as discordant as the yowling.

“I can see that. Why is it here?”

Sandy grinned in the way that never meant anything good. “Because it’s your cat.”

What People Are Saying

Joyful Jay writes:

“I really liked the premise of this one.  The author managed to pack a lot into a short story and give us a good read on Andrew.  Darren was a bit more of a mystery, though it’s clear he’s a good guy because he doesn’t mind Puff showing up at his house.  The guys are sexy together, and there is just enough going on here to let us know that they could absolutely have their happily ever after.  It was probably my favorite of the stories.”

Lisa at MM Good Book Reviews writes:

I had a blast reading this and look forward to reading more by this amazing author. I laughed my ass off with this book. At first I was not too sure of Darren’s attitude but he proves to be an interesting guy. I wished that it was longer though, because I would love to read more by these two gorgeous guys.