Why Customer Service Matters

I’ve had marketing on the brain of late as BishounenCon, Yaoi North, and RainbowCon all loom near like the trifecta of gay convention doom. My day job, aside from being a bad-ass code monkey, deals with social media and support chat. That’s part of the fun of working at a start-up. Continue reading Why Customer Service Matters

Dying For Some “Good” Christians

To start right off, I have nothing against Christians or Christianity. I was one. I know several who are wonderful and kind folks. But those aren’t the ones that get talked about because those aren’t the ones that stick out. We all know they’re there, but they’re the silent majority, Continue reading Dying For Some “Good” Christians

Shadow-ware and the Busy Author

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a bit of a Kickstarter addict fan. Since backing my first project in April 2012 (specifically Alex Woolfson’s Artifice comic), I’ve successfully backed 131 projects, 101 of which have delivered their product to me so far. The rest are all in the process of fulfillment, Continue reading Shadow-ware and the Busy Author

Arguing With Rocks in Tiny Boxes

All too often when traversing the world wide web, you run into someone who is wrong. Not just a little wrong, but like blatantly wrong. Egregiously wrong. So wrong that you feel compelled to correct them. Facebook is great for this because it’s a place to collect all the people who Continue reading Arguing With Rocks in Tiny Boxes