Comics I Love: Noisome (Possibly 18+)

Creator: tatouji – Facebook

Noisome is just getting started but it’s pretty interesting so far. It’s available in both English and Spanish.

Coen is a psychiatrist who gets too wrapped up in his patients. Noi is a writer with psychological issues, namely that he can’t stand being around most people. They become roommates. …and that’s all that’s happened so far.

I’m really interested in the characters. Both Coen and Noi have friends that are sounding boards. Noi’s friend Bibi comes off as a bit of a caretaker for Noi. He’s definitely used to Noi’s peculiarities and up on the hidden idiosyncrasies and secrets that have yet to be fully revealed. Coen’s unnamed friend seems viciously blunt and hints at something dire happening if Coen doesn’t get—and keep—a roommate for his massive house. Apparently, Coen has “ridiculously high standards” about who he lives with, but Noi seems to be fitting in where others haven’t. For starters, Coen’s cat takes to Noi instantly, which is unusual for the cat. (It’s a really cute cat!)

Tatouji has some awesome art (some NSFW) on their Patreon for a $1 a month pledge.

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