El on Worldbuilding Religion

As part of the Queer Science Fiction group‘s annual Worldbuilding week, I wrote a post on building religions for fiction. (as Jenna Hale)

How many religions exist in the history of the world? Likely you’ll think of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam–the Abrahamic trio–or Buddhism and Hinduism. You might be familiar with Shinto, the varying flavors of paganism and Wicca, or the old Greek, Norse, and Celtic pantheons. According to best estimates, there are somewhere over 4,200 religions in the world. As a writer, you might be interested in adding one more. So, where do you start?

There’s a bit of discussion in the Facebook group, and I definitely recommend checking out the group if you’re a fan of Queer Sci-Fi. There’s a lot of great discussions to join in if you’re interested.

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