TV Shows I Love: Riverdale

The first two episodes of The CW’s new TV show based on the Archie comics are out and I’m really loving it. I only read a few of the comics as a kid, but I’ve been meaning to read more since the introduction of Kevin Keller, a character that’s seemingly out of place in the Pleasantville-esque idyllic Riverdale but so, so needed. If you are a fan of the comics, be warned that this is not the same Riverdale you know from the comics but instead something much better.

The show starts with the apparent murder of Jason Blossom, one of the Blossom twins. He drowned when the boat the twins were on tipped over but that’s just the start of the mystery. As the first episode progresses, we’re introduced to all of our expected characters. Betty’s mooning over her long-time crush, Archie, to her gay best friend, Kevin. Veronica has just moved to town with her mother following her parents’ messy separation. Jughead provides the narrator as he turns the mystery of Jason Blossom’s death into the centerpiece for the novel he’s writing on Riverdale.

However, there’s more than just the usual suspects. We’re also introduced to the main character’s parents, who were absent from the comics when I read them, and the deeper plot surrounding each of the main families. Betty’s mom is paranoid and over-protective while her sister, Polly, is institutionalized following a bad breakup with Jason Blossom. Archie’s dad is hoping to steer Archie into taking over the family construction business, but Archie wants to pursue music and popularity. Veronica’s mother is trying to remake herself in her hometown and put distance between herself and her now-infamous husband who’s standing trial for embezzlement.

The depth and complexity of the plot quickly drew me in and I found myself avidly watching the first two episodes. I only watched them two days ago but I’m already eagerly awaiting more. This is the perfect show to fill the void between seasons 6A and 6B of Teen Wolf. It has a very similar tone, though all of the supernatural elements are removed and replaced with a standard murder mystery. The high school drama feels authentic. The struggles these teens are facing could be the same struggles any teen on the screen could face—love, jealousy, grief, and heartbreak.

My Thursdays are going to be a lot more entertaining this spring.

You can watch Riverdale on The CW Thursdays at 9pm (8 central) or online through the CW app or directly from the CW website.

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