Comics I Love: Victim. Gate of Spirits (18+)

Creator: Lina and Corey

I know the title implies it, but I FUCKING LOVE THIS COMIC.

Victim. Gate of Spirits is a fantasy comic set in a world where magical creatures roam the swamps. Unfortunately, most of those creatures are dangerous. Ivo’s swamp village is under attack by undead creature coming out of the depths of the swamps and the attacks keep getting worse with every new attack. Most of the village’s warriors are away, but Ivo’s skilled enough to hold his own. Ivo volunteers to go out with two other warriors to search for the source of the attacks. Ivo gets split from the others and ends up poisoned by an “Ancient”. Thankfully, Ivo’s long-lost friend Dragosh shows up in the nick of time to save him!

Dragosh takes Ivo back to his home deep in the swamp and cures him. Dragosh has been living in the swamp for the last few years while Ivo and the other villagers thought him dead. Ivo asks Dragosh to come back to the village with him, but the swamp’s changed Dragosh. He’s no longer human. He’s also harboring a long-time crush on Ivo, which he acts out on in somewhat dubiously consented ways. The actual hard NSFW parts are only available on Patreon, but it’s only $1 a month for access to that, other NSFW shorts, and advanced access to pages. I didn’t even blink at backing this one. So worth it! But don’t worry. Even if you don’t want to pony up a measly buck, you can still enjoy the comic in mostly full. The paywall holds the hard R stuff, but you get pretty much everything up to full nudity for free, and all the glorious, delicious plot.

(There’s a whole thread of people complaining about the Patreon-only NC-17 section and I made the mistake of reading the comments. Really people? You’re bitching over $1 a month? $1? Even if you can’t afford it or don’t have one of the many payment options Patreon accepts, you can read aaaaalll the plot without paying a cent.)

Anyway, this comic is glorious and I love it and I’m addicted. Go read it.

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