Getting Back At It

I’ve been very bad with keeping up with this website. I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been busy writing but instead I basically left a good but boring job for a horrible job and then found an awesome job that’s been pulling my focus. I do have a novella, Love Bites, in with Rooster & Pig Publishing but it’s still in editing rounds and I let myself fall into the false confidence trap. My brain was like “okay, I’m working on Love Bites, I’m being productive” but there’s a lot of downtime in editing. I was thinking of the whole ‘getting published’ process like a circle (write -> edit -> publish -> write) when really it’s more like a bunch of parallel lines. Write one thing, see it through to the end, but keep writing while your other works are going through the publishing machine. Even when you’ve got something going out, keep creating new things. Never stop writing.

So, I’m getting back at it. I’m revising shelved works, looking at anthology calls, thinking up new ideas. I’d like to shoot for writing every day, but I’ll settle for writing every week.

See you again soon, hopefully. ^_^

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