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My IRL friends are all very much aware that I have a bit of a Kickstarter habit. For those not aware, Kickstarter is a site that lets you crowdfund projects—from games to books and comics to technology to clothing and everything in between that ends in a product. To date, I’ve backed over 150 projects (not all of which were successful) which has earned me the profile badge of “superbacker” though really that should say “person who has too much disposable income”. Kickstarter recently released a new feature which I and other backers have been clamoring for: a way to follow creators so that you can keep updated on future products. This is especially important when you’re backing someone who’s releasing several volumes of a comic since they have to go send an update to backers of the old project (say, volume 1) when their new project launches (volume 2, etc), and not everyone remembers to do that. It’s a lose-lose scenario that has since been fixed.

The majority of the comics I back are LGBTQ, so I figured I’d share a list of people I’m following in case others might be interested:

Creator of the currently in funding “Harry Potter ‘gay panic’ fanbook” which looks super cute.

The Royal Baritarian Players
Currently releasing BASH BACK, a Queer Mafia comic.

Yaoi a Go Go
Group working on BL visual novels.

Hazel + Bell (Always Raining Here)
Creators of the Always Raining Here webcomic. Just Kickstarted Volume 2 of the comic.

Creator of the Boys’ Love Coloring Book and hopefully many more similar projects.

Suzana Harcum & Owen White (Tripping Over You)
Creators of the webcomic Tripping Over You which just launched volume 3.

The Yaoi Army
Currently working on a manga called “Fujoshi Trapped in a Seme’s Perfect Body” which looks amazing.

Creators of Seiyuu Danshi, the English-language BL dating sim/visual novel.

Margins Publishing
Creators of Dates: An Anthology of Queer Historical Fiction and hopefully similar future projects.

Bad Influence Press
Their first work was a gorgeous Hannibal fan anthology. I’m looking forward to any future projects.

Toril Orlesky (Hotblood)
Gay centaurs. Seriously. Her webcomic is awesome and she’s been Kickstarting the volumes.

Digital Manga Publishing
I’d be hard-pressed not to mention DMP here. Not all of their projects are LGBTQ but some are and they’re worth keeping an eye out for.

Creator of the Starfighter webcomic. Her first foray into Kickstarter was the Starfighter game. Not sure if there will be more, but worth watching.

Little Foolery
I fucking love them. My only disappointment when seeing them at the Toronto Comics and Arts Festival was that there was only one thing on their table I could buy because I already owned everything else. I love their comic Sfeer Theory and their art is just amazing.

Morgan Davies (Big Bang Press)
She’s one of the people behind Big Bang Press, which has been publishing some amazing novels by fannish authors. Even though I got digital copies of their first three releases, I’ve picked up two of them in hard copy and plan on getting the third in hard copy soon. I’m hoping to see another trio of books in the future.

Scuttlebutt Ink (Mahou Shounen Fight)
The first volume of their magical boy comic has been delayed due to technical issues, but I’m greatly looking forward to it and future volumes.

Alex Woolfson (Artifice & Young Protectors)
No list would be complete without the very reason I got into Kickstarter in the first place. Artifice was the first project I put money towards and Young Protectors is awesome. I’m looking forward to being able to buy the second volume when it comes to print. (Plus he’s an amazing guy.)

Fewh! That was a lot. So, tell me, did I miss any of your favorite creators? What Kickstarter projects are you looking forward to?

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